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Top 6 Places to Eat in Calgary

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A whirlwind foodie trip to Calgary left me feeling very inspired – and incredibly full! I had no idea this city’s food scene was THAT GOOD. Here are my top 6 places to eat in Calgary, along with the best coffee shops!

If you’re looking for world-class dining, look no further than Calgary. It’s been so long since I’ve spent more than a couple of hours exploring the city and was floored at the quality of the restaurants. While I technically visited for meetings, I conveniently scheduled them over meals. I only have one piece of advice for you: wear your stretchy pants.

Here are my top 6 Calgary restaurant picks to share with you!

Just wow is all I have to say. The vibe was cozy and a felt a bit bohemian with hanging plants and cozy wool booths with lots of wood. The tables are small, but you won’t mind when you take the first bite of whatever you order. Seriously, you could pick your dish blindfolded from the menu and be guaranteed to be happy. I over-ordered (my usual) and Victoria and I split the Tomatoes with Whipped Feta and Herbs slathered on sourdough bread, the cauliflower with gochujang, sesame, scallion and ginger, the Gigli pasta (kale pesto, pistachio, and Grana Padano – insanely fresh) and the Spring Salmon with horseradish, almondine and grapes. I grinned as I waddled out of there.

photo credits: @tenfoothenry

photo credits: @tenfoothenry

They had me at the name, but once I walked in the door I was smitten. Tall ceilings with a lively atmosphere made me wish I went there for dinner (but alas, I only had time for lunch).

Don’t skip the Fried Artichokes – so creative and utterly delicious drizzled with delicate honey to make the whole dish just scream joy with every bite. The pizza was to die for – that crust …. we tried the ‘Nduja & Eggplant pizza and weren’t sad we did. Any salad with beets is a winner in my books, and their Beet Salad with hazelnuts, preserved figs and whipped ricotta was a 10/10. And since I can’t leave an Italian restaurant without eating pasta (that must be a sin, yes?), we ordered the Spaghetti Limone – picture thick, perfectly cooked homemade noodles with an impossibly bright lemon sauce that tasted like sunshine in a pasta. Oh wait, I almost forgot we also ordered the Crispy Calamari and how could I do that – it was superb!

Now, I’ve never been a good liar, so I must tell you that I haven’t yet visited the next two restaurants. BUT I have friends who know stuff when it comes to food, and word on the street is that you don’t want to miss this one: I can’t wait to come back to continue my tour! If a steak is what you’re after, this is your place. Victoria from our team recommends getting the Crispy Half Chicken (and a martini). It’s all about the vibes at Major Tom- modernized, elevated steakhouse with a retro feel, and it’s on the 40th floor which is cool, so you can see the mountains or you’re right beside the Calgary tower, depending on where you’re sitting. The drinks are amazing and don’t skip the dessert: order the Baked Alaska.

The same company that owns Major Tom also owns Barbarella along with Bridgette Bar and Lulu – apparently, they are all incredible so consider adding them to your list.

photo credits: @themajortombar

I ran out of time to go here and while I’m writing this on the plane home (mostly because I’m getting old and losing my memory – tomorrow it could all be gone lol), I’m deeply wishing that I had more time, or stomach capacity, to eat here. It’s at the top of my list for next time!

Oh my gosh – possibly the best tacos I’ve ever had in my entire life! It took all my restraint to not order a margarita but since I didn’t have room in my schedule for a siesta (it was lunch, after all), I went for the Agua Fresca instead (try the hibiscus one). Start your meal off with the Salsa Sampler – watch it, some of them are SPICY but they are all so flavourful – the homemade chips were top notch and such a generous portion. I wanted everything off the menu (Mexican food is my favourite) but controlled myself and only ordered the Bira taco and the Fish Taco (the fried one). If I die tomorrow, please send me on my way with a giant order of both. The fact that I’m writing this from thousands of feet in the air hurtling at the speed of sound in a metal tube just crossed my mind. And I can’t even get tacos up here.

photo credits: @nativetonguesyyc

photo credits: @nativetonguesyyc

Don’t let the size of this tiny Italian joint fool you – it’s nothing but phenomenal. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the Whipped Ricotta is one that you absolutely must order. The crowded, small space, stunning fresh food, and noisy chatter makes you feel like you’re right in Italy.

Not a restaurant, but worth a mention.

It was so cold when I visited that I was begging for any excuse to stop, and since the pet store and the nail salon would have been awkward, luck was in my favour, and I got to visit Lina’s. This little Italian deli/shop is adorable and filled with Italian pastries, beautiful cooking things (I bought a mini set of adorable pastel latte bowls), and all the specialty Italian ingredients you could imagine!

Best Coffee Spots in Calgary

We ventured into Monogram Coffee 98% frozen, which made a latte particularly attractive–we ordered the Cardamom Vanilla Latte which was a lovely twist. I think they change up their feature coffees and have a nice small menu which I always respect. Great coffee. While meeting our Calgary team over lunch we had a big debate over the best coffee shop in town. The gals each had their own fav which included Alforno, Deville, Phil + Sebastian, which has a joint location with a bakery, and Sidewalk Citizen which is right on the river and amazing to visit in good weather.

What do you think!? Did I miss your favourite?! Let me know below. xo


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