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How does Koji Work?In a word, enzymes! Enzymes snip apart large molecules into smaller pieces.The ordinary becomes amplified; the one-dimensional becomes multi-dimensional!Learn to speak KojiWe know, its can get confusing, especially if all of this fungal ferment world is new to you. Here is a simple koji definition guide that you can save a link to and pop open a tab when you are reading that latest 7 things that blah blah blah and they mention a Koji term. You will discover they are not always using them correctly…kojiKoji is the Japanese word widely used throughout much of the world that refers to Koji that has been grown on rice. Some other terms you will see that mean the same thing are kome-koji, koji rice, and malted koji.Koji-kinSo if Koji refers to the fungus that has grown on rice, Koji-Kin refers to the mold itself, regardless of the substrate, be it rice or anything else.tane kojiTane Koji takes us to the source of the above two terms, the spores themselves that come in the starter you order online.myceliumLooking closely at that picture above and thinking about our Koji-kin fungus growing away in your incubator the fungus mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus, made up of filamentous ‘hypha’ and is the part we mostly see with our eyes.HyphaEach filament of the Mycelium, the plural for these is Hyphae. You could think of these as the roots of a plant you are familiar with.

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