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Running a food blog for nearly 20 years (and being a self-taught chef for even longer than that) means my oven gets A LOT of use. And when it comes to pan liners, I’ve tried them all. Non-stick foil, parchment paper, a greased baking tray on its own. You name it, I’ve tried it. Each have their own pros and cons, and each had their shining moment in my cooking career. Most recently, it was parchment paper, which is great for cooking fish in the oven and even in the air fryer! And while most liners still have a place in my kitchen and their own specific roles to play, when it comes to baking, nothing compares to a silicone mat. 
Today, we’re exploring my favorite silicone baking mats and molds, which come from Silpat, and talking about why silicone mats are, in my opinion, the best pan liners out there, as well as the best parchment paper alternative you can get.

About Silpat
Let’s take a moment to dive into what Silpat is all about. These days, there are a number of silicone baking mats out there, but Silpat was the first. 
It all started with a dream in 1965. Renowned French baker Guy Demarle longed for a better way to make his beloved baguettes, so he embarked on a mission to invent that very thing. The result? A revolutionary baking mat that changed the baking world forever. 
He named this invention Silpat after its main components, silicone and glass fabric, and it quickly became a staple of baking and pastry-making all over the world. And that was just the beginning. 
This invention went on to spawn custom molds of all shapes and sizes, made of the same materials, which further revolutionized the way home bakers and companies baked their goods, from cakes to tartelettes to muffins to scones, and so much more. Silpat’s quality products have solidified their status as a leading provider of premium baking equipment worldwide for the past 50 years.
About Silpat’s Products
Here are some of my favorite Silpat products:

Half Size Baking Mat: Silpat’s mats come in lots of different sizes and shapes for just about all your needs, and I love their Half Size Baking Mat because it fits perfectly in my most used sheet pan. And I’ve been able to make everything from roasted veggies to cakes to cookies with it. Even fish! All without extra butter or grease. And nothing sticks to this mat, which I love. I also love that they cut the corners to make sure it’ll fit my cookie sheet perfectly.

Limited Edition 20 Heart Half Size Baking Mat: Because this one was limited edition, I HAD to get it, cuz once it’s gone, it’s GONE. And I have to tell you, this mat is SO cute! This Heart Half Size Baking Mat features 20 heart designs, which comes in so handy around Valentine’s day to shape cookies, pastries, and other goodies to fit into each heart so they come out of the oven representing the love you put into them. 

Sil-band: The Silpat Sil-band is a must-have accessory. This 9″ band basically allows you to roll your mat (or mats) up to about 3″ in diameter for super easy storage. It’s like a slap bracelet for your mats, and there’s something so satisfying about using it.

Cook ‘N Cool Perfect Baking Tray: This tray quickly became one of my favorite kitchen staples. It’s made of perforated aluminum with non-stick PTFE coating, which means you can bake right on it, and your items will slide right off when you’re done. It’s kinda great to have something similar to a mat, but more rigid. AND it has dual uses! You can cook cookies, pizzas, whatever you like on one side, and then flip it to use the other side as a cooling tray. Check out the tray here! 

6 Hole Large Round Mold: You might not know this about me, but I love molds! In the past, I’ve made a lot of different things in small molds, like chocolates, candies, and gummies, but I’ve never made a baked item. I had to try it! This 6 Hole Large Round Mold is basically like a 3D version of Silpat’s baking mats, but it simulates round cake pans. It features 6 cups that are 4″ each in diameter, that are perfect for making mini cheesecakes, tarts, quiches, and lots of other tasty treats in. I decided to use it to make an uber-easy lemon cookie tart, complete with an assortment of mouth-watering berries and powdered sugar. Check out the full rundown of that, plus a video of it, down below. 
My Favorite Things About Silpat’s Products (& Why They’re Superior To Other Liners)
When it comes to lining pans, I think Silpat’s mats should be a common household item for every kitchen. Here’s why:
Less WasteCompared to disposable liner options, Silpat’s silicone baking mats are eco-friendly because they’re reusable. In fact, a properly maintained Silpat mat can be used for over 2,000 baking cycles, which means 2,000 less discarded liners in your lifetime. (And you know how much we love reducing waste.) AND, Silpat mats come with a Lifetime Warranty! As an added bonus, that also means less restocking in your kitchen. Just imagine all those rolls of parchment paper you won’t have to buy (or throw away).
Healthier CookingThe nonstick surface of Silpat’s mats allow me to cut WAY down on the butter and/or cooking oil of whatever I’m making (or eliminate it altogether in some cases). I don’t even have to use non-stick cooking spray or prep a greased baking sheet! That means I can create healthier baked food while skipping the saturated fats and calories that don’t need to be there.
Easy CleanupOne of the main reasons I love my Silpat baking mat is that it’s super easy to clean. I just give it a quick soapy scrub and rinse, wipe it down with a paper towel, and it’s ready to be stored for the next use! You can also throw them in the dishwasher, though it’s recommended you hand-wash them for the best results, especially if you want to keep them around for a long time. Parchment paper can tear, leaving your pan vulnerable to staining, and liners like aluminum foil can stick to your baked goods, and even the baking pan in some instances, which further complicates cleaning. There is no risk of tearing or sticking when it comes to silicone mats, which makes the baking process far easier. 
Consistent ResultsDid you know that aluminum foil can react with acidic foods and affect the flavor? Yup! At certain heats, the foil will leach into foods that contain vinegar, citrus, or even tomatoes and give it a metallic taste. This is especially the case with fish. Silicone baking mats not only provide a neutral surface that won’t alter the taste of your food, but it also has a non-stick surface, which means all your baking and browning happens evenly.
Cost-EffectiveWhile silicone mats might have a higher cost than a roll of parchment paper, they pay for themselves over time (and ten-fold!). You can think of it as investing in the future of your baking. Because they last for years, it’s really a no-brainer when it comes to saving money.
VersatilityMost people think of oven use when they consider buying a silicone mat, but they’re far more versatile than that! There are so many different ways to use them, including in the oven, microwave, air fryer, fridge, and freezer. Silpat’s mats are incredibly heat resistant and can handle temps as low as -40°F to high temperatures up to 426°F! Parchment paper just can’t compete with this range of use, especially when it comes to freezer storage, because it doesn’t have the silicone coating required to protect food effectively or retain moisture. And sure, silicone mats are great for baking, but you can used them for just about anything you can put on a sheet pan, including roasting veggies and proteins. Because of their non-stick properties, they even make a good option as a surface to roll dough on.
Safety and HealthSilpat silicone baking mats are made from food-grade, fiberglass-reinforced silicone technology, which is completely non-toxic and safe for food prep. Bleached parchment paper, when heated, releases a chemical called Dioxin, which can damage the immune system, interfere with hormones, and is linked to reproductive and developmental problems, as well as cancer. But Silpat’s silicone mats are completely inert, as well as Bisphenol A, phthalate and peroxide-free, making them the best parchment paper substitute.
We Made Lemon Cookie Tarts!

I was especially excited about the Large Round Mold and what I could make with it, and after a bit of deliberation, I decided I would make a tart. But not just any tart. A SUPER easy cookie tart! (If you thought tarts were complicated, think again!)
To start, I picked up some Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough, some lemon pie filling, and some berries.

Then I fashioned the dough into each divot of the mold. My goal was to make a bowl shape that would hold the rest of my tart.

Admittedly, I spent a lot of time trying to make the dough super pretty during this step, which a) didn’t exactly happen, and b) didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, because the tart would come out perfect either way AFTER baking. 
Once done, I stuck the mold onto the Cook ‘N Cool Perfect Baking Tray and didn’t realize just how truly perfect it is until THIS step. The tray gave the mold a rigid structure and made it super easy to place into the oven! 
I checked the mold after 10 minutes and was met with a surprise. My tart “bowls” looked like puffy little quiches! Oh no!! I thought I’d somehow messed up, but it was clear the cups weren’t done baking, so I let them cook for a bit longer. After a total baking time of about 14 minutes, I pulled the mold from my oven and was shocked to find that they’d settled into the perfect bowl shape again. (Phew!) I thanked the Baking Gods and let the cups cool for about 10 minutes. Once cool, I grabbed a small drinking glass and used the bottom of it to further define my “bowl” shape, gently making circular motions within each of the cookie tarts. You can see the difference with the ones on the left vs. the ones on the right.

​To pop out each tart, I pushed gently underneath each one from the underside of the mold, and they came out PERFECTLY despite not using any butter, oil, or grease! This is also where the flexibility of the mold truly shines, because it’s easy to manipulate it to get your baked goods out. (It’s not like those times you baked muffins in a tin without a liner and had to practically cut them out with a butter knife. Never again.)

​Next, I filled each tart with the lemon pie filling, making sure to smooth it out on top.

Then, I placed blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and sliced strawberries inside, and added a mint leaf for garnish.

They’re a perfect spring / summer treat just like this, but I wanted to go a step further and add a little powdered sugar to each one. 

The final result was AMAZING, both in look and taste! The cookie tart added a crumbly element to the creamy lemon texture, and the berries were a POP of vibrancy on my palette. I couldn’t be happier with these Lemon Cookie Tarts. There were incredibly easy to make, and I can’t wait to see what else I can make using this mold!
Check out Our Video!

​The Final Word

Now you know why I think Silpat’s products are a must-have for every baking project as well as a good parchment paper substitute. If you’re looking to make your baking life a whole lot easier (and healthier!), check out their full range of products here. 
​Have you tried Silpat’s products? If so, we want to hear from you! Tell us what baked good you made. And if you haven’t tried Silpat, tell us what you’re most excited to try! We love hearing about your baking adventures. 
Silpat is giving away a full bundle of mats & molds to one lucky winner, check out the giveaway below! 

Silpat Baking Mats Bundle Review and Giveaway
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