The BEST CanningCrafts Honey Labels for honey bottles and mason jars

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You know, they always say parents shouldn’t pick a “favorite kid”. It’s unfair to single one out, and makes the slack-jawed underachievers feel like losers. But this isn’t parenting, and labels don’t have feelings (at least I don’t THINK they do). So with all that build up, we present to you our BEST honey labels. In our opinion. Your mileage may very. Hey man, live your own life.We start with labels that harken back to ye olde corner sundry store. This vintage honey label design resembles old apothecary labels with a large honey bee in the center. Our Vintage Seal custom honey labels are a bold touch to honey bottles. Custom honey labels print with a name, message, or size. These honey labels are a perfect gift for backyard beekeepers.And if you were worried these labels could only be used for HONEY, fear not! You can also customize our vintage honey labels for sugar scrubs and soaps too! There is even room for a short ingredient list.Does your honey harvest meet with your “stamp” of approval? Our Custom Rubber Stamp Honey labels are a perfect gift for backyard beekeepers or those who sell their honey at the Farmer’s Market! Custom honey labels can be personalized with your name, type of honey, contact info, or size.Bee a friend to our pollinator pals with these Watercolor Wildflower custom honey labels. These bright and cheery honey jar labels remind us that our bizzy-buzzy girls need a place to harvest their gold. And a wonderful patch of vibrant wildflowers is just the spot they’ve been searching for! These custom honey labels print with your name, saying, contact info, or size.Our Cute Honey Bee labels look sweet on everything from honey bottles and mason jars to sugar scrubs and soaps. Custom Honey labels make the perfect gift for amateur beekeepers and semi-pro apiarists alike. Labels are personalized with a name, honey product, contact info, or size.

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