Sixteen fresh fruits for canning in the month of July

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So you can can, but the question is what can you can and when can you can it?  And how much can you can while you are canning?  You need a canning planner!  LOL. Okay seriously though I want to start making an effort to post lists of what fruits are in season each month to help you with your home canning plan calendar. Since this blog focuses mainly on jelly, jam and fruit preserves I will try to stick to fruits and veggies that are used for these purposes. But remember, if I post something that seems weird to you as a jelly ingredient like corn or tomatoes… I have probably posted an oddball jelly, jam or chutney recipe that calls for that very fruit or vegetable because part of my goal is to collect unusual recipe ideas for us to try. So with that here is my first list of what to can in July. July is actually the beginning of canning boom time so this list is pretty long and depending on where you live, you may not have access to all of the items on it.  But hopefully there will be something for everyone here no matter where in the world your kitchen is.  16 fresh fruits to can in the month of July and popular ways to can themApple: jelly, apple butter, applesauce, spiced apple rings, pie filling, Apricot: jelly, jam, apricot butter, compoteBoysenberry: jam, jelly, syrup, Blackberry: jam, jelly, syrupBlueberry: jam, jelly, syrup Currants: jelly, syrup, chutney, Elderberry: jelly, jam, syrupGooseberry: jelly, jam, syrup Key Lime: jelly, marmaladeLoganberry: jelly, jam, syrupMulberry: jelly, jam, syrupNectarine: jelly, jam, butter, chutneyPeach: jelly, jam, butter or honey, chutney, syrupPlum: jelly, jam, butter, syrupRaspberry: jelly, jam, syrupStrawberry: jelly, jam, syrup Bonus: tomatoes, corn and watermelon are also in season in July if you want to make something unique and out of the ordinary. So there you have it… pick one or two from the list and can something sweet this month!  Be assured that if I don’t already have a recipe posted for all these things, it is on my to do list to get them posted in the future.  Also check out my selection of custom labels and supplies at my store The Jelly Jar.  Brand New in my Store! Face masks for safe canning.

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