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Should You Take Your Kids to Vegas?

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I was wondering out loud on social media the other day – should you take your kids to Vegas? Bam – my Instagram feed blew up!  So…is taking kids to Vegas worth the gamble? Let’s find out.

I had no idea how polarizing this topic would be. I’ve only been to Vegas once, with Charles, no kids. We aren’t big partiers or gamblers (I spent a whopping $20 on gambling over three days), and filled our days and nights with pool time, a show (which I fell asleep during lol), and discovering some incredible restaurants. It was a good time.

It’s been 10 years since we went to Vegas, and from the research I’ve done, a lot has changed. On one side, there are now far more activities for kids (keep reading, I made a list). On the other side, it isn’t called Sin City for no reason.

Should You Really Take Your Kids to Vegas?

I sifted through hundreds of comments in my Instagram DMs on this topic and thought this was the easiest way to share them with you. Since we haven’t actually taken our kids to Vegas, I thought I would share feedback from our Instagram family who weighed in. There was no grey in the responses: people either gave glowing reviews or thought it was the worst idea ever!

Yes, You Can Take Kids to Vegas!

“The shows. The food. The sounds. The lights. So much! Can’t wait to take her back!”

“My friend just took her 10 year old and had an amazing time. Her daughter loved it”

“Super fun, lots for kids to look at!  M&M’s store, all the free shows: just lots of walking!”

“I brought my kids best trip so much to see and do”

Don’t do Vegas with Kids

“Absolutely NOT!! Disneyland is for kids… Vegas is for adults…leave them at home!”

“Never in a million years”

“We went with kids and definitely would not go again, it was not a good experience”

The results were completely divided when I asked our audience. Half of people said yes, it’s amazing for kids, and the other half said that it isn’t a good idea. Helpful? Not really, hey?

Then there were comments like this one that resonated with me, more of a yes, but be smart about it:

“Lots of drunk people, just research on where to stay and things to do and where to stay away from”

“Nice pools, amazing food. But don’t walk the strip at night with kiddos”

Top 26 Things to do with Kids in Vegas

While I’m still on the fence, I think that you probably could do Vegas with kids if you plan it carefully and are very mindful of the environment you’re in. There are a lot of colourful things that happen in Vegas, and you can’t unsee something. I thought it would be helpful to create a list of the top 25 things, based on hundreds of comments from people who have been there, to help guide you if you decide to go to Vegas with kids.

MGM Grand: the pool is apparently amazing

Blue Man Group

Shark Reef Aquarium

Circus Circus arcade

M&M’s Store

See a concert

Big Ferris Wheel

Cirque de Soleil show (Ka or O came recommended)

Zipline on Bourbon Street

World’s largest chocolate fountain at Bellagio

Postcards From Earth

Fake beach at the Mandalay

Indoor amusement park

Magic show: Mat Franco

Roller Coaster at New York, New York

Escape room

Race cars

Top Golf (for the golf fans)

Hockey game

Tahiti Village

Mirage volcano

Take pics at the iconic Las Vegas sign

Fountain show outside the Bellagio

Freemont street light show (6-8 min, top of every evening hour)

Dinner at the revolving restaurant in the Stratosphere


Where to Stay with Kids in Vegas

A lot of hotels allow smoking inside, so be sure to choose a non-smoking hotel for the little ones. Many people also called out to avoid casino hotels in order to avoid walking through the scene with the kids. Here were the hotels that were most commonly recommended to stay at with kids:

Park MGM

The Luxor

Mandalay Bay

Tahiti Village

Side Trips from Vegas

There are very cool side trips from Vegas. Many recommended 2-3 nights in Vegas and then renting a car and checking out these other place for a change of pace and stunning scenery. Make sure you book reservations ahead.

Hoover Dam (46 minute drive): Considered one of the USA’s greatest engineering achievements, and is the most-visited dam in the world!

Red Rock Canyon (25 minute drive): Great place for a spectacular hike to view the rock formations. There is an amphitheatre there where concerts are often performed under the stars (wouldn’t that be magical!?).

Grand Canyon (5 hour drive): take a helicopter tour or stay at the South rim which has the most to do.

Top Advice for Taking Kids to Vegas

Call ahead and make sure the hotel pool is open: many are not in the winter (October – March)

Don’t stay out late and above all, avoid the strip at night at all costs

It’s a lot of walking: plan accordingly. Consider renting or bringing a stroller if your kids are younger

You can do it…but you’ve got to plan!

Flights are cheap, but everything is so expensive once you get there!

Costco has a Go City pass for attractions if you want to save money

What do you think? Have you taken your kids to Vegas? Would you take your kids to Vegas? Comment away below, including any extra tips for things I missed!

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