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Rytec Unveils Smart Factory to Manufacture High-Performance Cold Storage Doors

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To gain tighter control over the supply chain, improve quality and increase throughput in its high-performance door manufacturing facility, Rytec Corporation has built a new state-of-the-art Smart Factory. The Rytec Smart Factory is the company’s most significant investment in people and equipment during its 38-year history.The Smart Factory is the result of a two-year transition to acquire and install new advanced robotic and semi-automated production machines, as well as data collection technology that optimizes the manufacturing of innovative high-performance industrial doors. Parts and components that were previously outsourced are now manufactured and assembled in-house.“Our investment in this technology is a direct response to our continuing commitment to better support our customers with high-quality products and shorter lead times,” says John B. Snyder, vice chairman at Rytec. “In recent years, it became clear that we needed more in-house manufacturing capabilities, so we invested in the latest automation, software and live material resource demand planning to build a Smart Factory.”In the hands of specially-trained team members, the automated equipment provides a consistent feed of high-quality metal components needed for the company’s top-selling high- speed door models: Rytec Spiral, PredaDoor, FlexTec and Turbo-Seal Insulated doors.Since fully implementing the Smart Factory in Rytec’s Hartford, Wisconsin, site in late 2023, the company has already significantly increased production, shortened lead times by 50% and begun to reduce material scrap, all goals previously considered unattainable. 

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