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Ready. Set. DECLUTTER (Annual Declutter Challenge Feb 3!)

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Mark your calendars!The annual throw-your-sh!t-away eventErr, I mean, the 5th Annual Virtual Declutter Party Challengewill take place on Saturday, February 3, 2024.Are you ready to finally tackle the clutter creating chaos in your closet?Under your bed?in the Garage?Entire house?Well, NOW is the time to make a COMMITMENT!And do it with the support of the ENTIRE Happy Herbivore community behind you!!Let’s tidy up and declutter TOGETHER!!To get your official declutter party welcome packet, signup here (it’s free).Previous events resulted in over 100 bags going to charity and families in need (you guys are awesome!)Everyone who participated (3,871 people!) felt AWESOME afterward.PLUS they had a newly decluttered + organized home to enjoy!Even taking on a small project like cleaning out a drawer or cabinet has BIG TIME results so DO IT!EVENT DETAILS:Who: YOU!What: Declutter/OrganizeWhere: Your home (this is a virtual event)When: This Saturday, Feb 3rd How: (Getting to that–keep reading)  Why: Do you really need me to answer this ;)If you feel overwhelmed, want guidance, or tips from a 10+ year minimalist…Signup for my free Minimalist Monday newsletter here.This is a brand-new newsletter so even if you get other newsletters from me, you’ll need to sign up :)Over the next few days I’ll be emailing tips, stragies, and hacks for getting started/decluttering.I’m also going to send links to some of my favorite products that help me stay tidy and organized. To get the info, sign up right here. 

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