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R.I.P. Marmalade — Manning Canning Kitchen

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It is with some sadness that we announce the death of Marmalade.  Well, at least as a SKU for Manning Canning.Loyal FansLike many of our products, we’re lucky that our Marmalade has an intensely loyal following. It turns out that good old fashioned marmalade is hard to get. We heard over and over from customers that our product was head and shoulders above the competition.  And therein lies the challenge: good marmalade is really time consuming and expensive to make.Tricky IngredientsProper marmalade needs to be made with Seville oranges, full stop.  And in the last few years, availability and price have been hard to pin down.  A couple of years ago we were tracking a shipment from Spain and it was down to the wire for our production schedule.  The price has fluctuated, but trending upward for sure, and that cost has to be passed on to the consumer. Finally, the quality of the oranges has to be top drawer, and if you get a bad shipment (i.e. drier, smaller fruit) your yield is reduced.The Handmade ProblemWhen it comes to the unique taste of marmalade, it’s all in the peel.  We make our marmalade with hand cut peel, which is really time intensive.  To automate the process would be a vastly expensive undertaking, and there is no saying the product would be as good.  Get it While You CanThe good news is that if you’re in Toronto you can still find jars at Blackbird Bakery and The Pantry as well as Grilltime . And who knows, if the crazy production schedule ever slows down, we may bring Marmalade back as a Limited Edition product!And thank you to all of our customers who bought this product over the years and loved it. I know we are breaking some hearts out there (I have heard from a few customers first hand already) but we promise to keep working hard to never lower our standards and always bring you the best in everything we make.

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