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Peppermint Striped round and oval Christmas canning labels for mason jar gifts

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I’m old enough to remember when ALL candy canes were… wait for it… peppermint flavored. Oh, the horror!! Now you can get them in pretty much any flavor that can be imagined. If I could tell 7 year old me that one day I would be able to enjoy peanut butter & salmon candy canes, my little mind would have been completely blown. “What a truly wonderful time it must be to be alive”, little 1980’s me would say. Oh kiddo, you don’t know the half of it. But I digress…Our cute Custom Peppermint Striped Christmas canning labels will make your holiday mason jars extra adorable. These red and green striped Christmas canning jar labels are customized with your specific holiday message and/or food names. Add them to your holiday presents, jam jars, and even baked goods, too!2 inch (20 labels per sheet) for regular mouth lids2.5 inch (12 labels per sheet) for wide mouth lidsThere is a quite delightful oval canning label available, as well – Custom Peppermint Striped Christmas oval canning labels

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