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I’ve been wanting to post about this project for so long!

Last year, I was approached by a lovely lady named Zoe Palmer Wright, asking if I could photograph her cookbook. Over the following months, she and I communicated back and forth multiple times, discussing the look and feel she wanted for her images. Since Zoe lives in London, all decisions had to be made through email which is no small feat, especially when you are dealing with a significant time difference!

When the photo shoots rolled around, my food stylist and I were not only blown away by Zoe’s vision for her book, but the absolute DELICIOUSNESS of her recipes. Many months later, several of her recipes have become staples in my home.

I can’t share too many photos yet, or give you too many details because the book’s release date is still being determined. However, I can share an excerpt from her book synopsis and a few teaser images.
I promise to share more when I can!

“The book is for people who want to eat healthily and lose weight without feeling miserable or deprived, who want to have better skin, to slow the aging process, feel more energised and boost their mood.

Zoe’s approach makes healthy eating enjoyable, a delicious adventure, and aims to teach you about what is truly healthy (and what is not!) as well as demonstrating the connection between what you eat and how you look and feel. That true outer beauty comes from within.”

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