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New Culture and CJ CheilJedang Form Partnership for Commercial Manufacturing Capacity

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New Culture, the animal-free dairy company, announced a strategic partnership with CJ CheilJedang, the world’s largest supplier of bioproducts made from microbial fermentation. The partnership is focused on driving down the cost of New Culture’s animal-free casein protein, unlocking commodity pricing including for New Culture’s first product, mozzarella for pizzerias.New Culture is the first company in the world to make dairy mozzarella without the animal milk that turns off many consumers due to nutrition, dietary, ethical and environmental concerns. The key ingredient in the company’s animal-free cheese is casein – the “cheese stretch” protein – made through a proprietary fermentation process similar to brewing beer. New Culture’s flagship product will launch with James Beard Award-winning chef Nancy Silverton at her iconic Pizzeria Mozza this year, unleashing a new era of delicious, nutritious and planet-friendly dairy”Bringing our animal-free cheese to pizza lovers everywhere means producing it at a large enough scale and low enough cost so we can compete and win on product performance,” said New Culture Co-Founder and CSO, Inja Radman. “Our partnership with CJ CheilJedang facilitates access to some of the largest and most sophisticated fermentation facilities on the planet to truly transform the dairy industry.”A $23-billion Korean conglomerate, CJ CheilJedang is a leading food and biotechnology company with more than 60 years’ experience in fermentation technology, advancing proprietary amino acids for feed and food, savory flavors and seasoning materials, and plant based protein ingredients. This expertise spans 10 manufacturing sites in 7 countries worldwide comprising millions of liters of fermentation capacity across a range of microbial platforms and downstream processing assets. In addition to its fermentation prowess, CJ CheilJedang is also a global leader in foods through its Korean food brand, bibigo, and ownership of Schwan’s Company, known for the frozen pizza brand Red Baron.”Since our initial investment in New Culture in 2022, the CJ CheilJedang team has continued to be impressed by the company’s technical progress, robust bioprocess, and global ambition in the animal-free dairy industry,” said Seung June Choi, senior vice president of Strategic Planning at CJ CheilJedang. “Whether through commercial manufacturing, procurement, or other technical support, this partnership enables the full scope of our expertise to accelerate New Culture’s growth and market leadership.”This partnership with CJ CheilJedang further strengthens New Culture’s manufacturing position and path to profitability, building on the company’s previously announced partnership with ADM, the U.S.-based, alternative protein and fermentation leader. New Culture also has the backing of Kraft Heinz, venture capital firms Mayfield, Future Ventures, Ahren Innovation Capital and SOSV, as well as food investors S2G and CPT Capital.About New Culture New Culture is leading the global transition to an animal-free dairy future with cheese that stretches and melts like the real deal but is made without any animal inputs. In other words: cow cheese without the cow. They replace the essential dairy protein in cheese – called casein – with an animal-free version that the company produces using precision fermentation. This revolutionary process makes it possible to replicate the taste and texture of traditional dairy products using New Culture’s animal-free proteins, radically reducing cheesemaking’s impact on the environment and animal and human health. The company was selected for Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards, profiled on NPR’s award-winning podcast “How I Built This,” and included on the 2023 ClimateTech 100 and 2023 FoodTech 500 lists. With their groundbreaking science, any cheese is possible and can be made completely animal-free. The future of dairy is here — and it’s delicious. About CJ CheilJedangCJ CheilJedang is a South Korea-based food & bio company operating globally. Founded in 1953 as the first Korean sugar manufacturer, it is now leading the global food industry with its renowned bibigo K-food products. It also provides advanced bio products including feed and food additives made by its cutting-edge, fermentation-based bioengineering technologies. CJ CheilJedang is part of CJ Group, an international company in the fields of Food & Food Services, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics. 

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