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My Ingenious Stanley Tumbler Hack

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Sippin’ in Style: The Cup Craze Taking Over Social Media

It seems as if every season, a new trend pops up. If you haven’t heard about the Stanley tumbler cup craze yet, you might be living under a rock—or worse, sipping from a subpar cup. The Stanley tumbler has become the ultimate must-have for anyone serious about their drink game. Starting at $45 for the 40-ounce size, it’s not just a cup–it’s increasingly becoming a status symbol. And, of course, the social media girlies have found a way to up the cup´s popularity, which makes many wonder what´s so special about this cup?

What´s the Big Idea?

First things first, the durability of these cups is straight-up legendary. It’s like they’re made from the same material as superhero capes—pretty much indestructible. Drop it, toss it, accidentally set your car on fire—you name it, and the Stanley tumbler will just shrug it off and keep your beverage safe and sound.

In addition to their destruction-proof nature, the insulating power of these bad boys is out of this world. Your hot drinks stay hot, your cold drinks stay cold, and everything in between stays just right. A perfectly temperature-regulated drink in a stylish cup? Yes, please. Speaking of style…

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At first glance, it looks like your Stanley cup is wearing a weird sombrero, but a closer look will reveal that it´s a compartmentalized snack tray, making it easier to snack and sip. I´m guilty; I recently purchased one for my tumbler and…I hated it. Cumbersome and large, it made snacking–and not to mention drinking–so awkward. Not wanting to waste the $15 I spent on the snack tray, I decided to upcycle it. Check out the video below to see how I reused my Stanley tumbler snack tray.

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