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Menstrual Phase — Oh Baby

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This series was created to help you tune in and harness the power of your menstrual cycle. Learn more: How To Live in Sync With Your Menstrual Cycle: IntroThe 1st phase is menstruation. This is a time of introspection. In nature, it aligns with winter (yearly cycle), the new moon (monthly cycle), and midnight (daily cycle).  Typically lasts between 3-7 days.What’s happening physically?If a fertilized egg doesn’t implant into the uterine wall during the luteal phase, the lining of your uterine wall sheds to become your period. How it feels energetically & emotionallyYou’re raw and vulnerable to becoming depleted, physically and emotionally. You may feel intensely introverted. You’re in a heightened state and more perceptive during this phase. Deep desires can be revealed. How to tune in & flow with the phaseRest, retreat and reserve your energy. Listen to your body and go inward. Spend time alone or with people who lift you up, while trying to avoid people who feel challenging to connect with. Try to limit pressures to perform and be productive. Indulge in stillness and restorative self-care. Consciously take the opportunity to reflect and focus on releasing things that are no longer serving you.Try to surround yourself with candles and reduce your exposure to artificial lights and electronic screens in the evenings. Move your body: Gentle, flowing movements. It is best not to engage in competitive sports or plan strenuous, high impact exercise. How to nourish and “feed” this phaseChoose warming and comforting cooked foods over cold and raw foods. Use warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. Drink tea, especially red raspberry and nettle. Choose iron rich foods to replenish blood loss, and foods high in vitamin C to help increase iron absorption. Chart your fertility signsChance of conceiving: Quite unlikely, although not impossible at the end of your period if you have a short cycle.  Cervical positioning: Low and hard (like the tip of your nose). Slightly open to allow blood to flow out.Basal body temp: Drops when menstruation begins. An average 28 day cycle

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