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Let’s ‘Build’ a Deep Pantry. “Vacuum Sealer”

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, June 29, 2021.
“Not to worry, going to get back to “Food” soon”.Ok, so I promised that last week, but I want to hit on Vacuum Sealers first.

Freezer Burnt Foods:
Anyone out there recognize what that is—- WAS?Looked like a darn nice Steak, or two, at one time to me.What a waste, almost makes me want to cry for sure, that could have one heck of a GREAT dinner for a couple of folks.Freezer Burn is ‘one’ of the main reasons I have and use a Vacuum Sealer; I will discuss other uses in a minute.There is absolutely zero reason to lose a beautiful Steak like this: NONE what so ever.

Vacuumed Sealed Steak or Meat:
Don’t know about you, but that looks a HECK of a lot better don’t it??OK, So…… I usually buy 1/2 beef at a time and I try to find a Butcher that has the capability to Vacuum Seal everything, ALL of the meat.Why do I spend the extra $0.10 a pound, well compare those two photos I just presented. I know for a fact, by my own experiences that Vacuumed Sealed Meats will…. Let me say that again “WILL” store 3-5 times longer in a Freezer that just doubled wrapped meats.Also, I have actually seen people buy meats at a grocery store in those stupid little foam tray things with a piece of plastic covering them and just toss them in the freezer…… I just shake my head.BTW, I have been buying bulk meats for a very long time, AND have in the past 20 years learned how to NOT toss out good meat/food.

Yes I got back to Food…. Again.So IMHO if your serious about storing foods in the Freezer that’s NOT pre-Vac-Sealed that you need to have a Vacuum Sealer of some type to store the HIGH $$$$$ food you just laid out your cash for.Take a quick look at that photo, see the common thing? There are all sorts of “good” food there that will las a very long time in a freezer, I’m talking Years not Months.Think about that every time you buy something that you can or need to re-package, are you going to wrap it in some paper? Or maybe stuff it in a plastic bag that has air still trapped inside with the food? If so and you plan on it keeping for 3-5 years, do yourself a favor, just toss it out now and save yourself the effort.Sorry, a little harsh? But guess what, the truth is harsh at times.

Food Saver:Well, there ya go, fairly simple machine there. Heck if I can operate it, I’m sure y’all can.Honestly, I’m on my 3rd one, I use them that much.I like using the Rolls of “Bags” basically it’s just a long roll of Bags that you can cut to the length you need and seal both ends. One can also buy premade Quart and Gallon size bags, but I stay with the two size rolls.I always make sure to mark the Date on the Bag and simply toss them in the freezer, organized of course… HAHAHA Sure they are.And yes I like the Food Saver Brand, sort of like once you use one; you replace it with the same…. BTW my first one lasted me well over 10 years of use, the second; well bouncing it off the floor is not so good for them… Take my word.

Jar Sealer Attachment:
These things are for vacuuming the air out of Canning Jars, they work FANTASTIC.There are two sizes for the Regular and Large Mouth Jars.I store a lot of things in 1/2 gallon Jars, I have come to the habit of Vacuuming everything, it only takes a few moments and adds a lot of storage time for most foods.BTW, when I Dehydrate ‘stuff’ I normally store it in Jars, and Vac Seal them, adds a lot of life to the stored foods.Just a little hint, when you Dehydrate Apricots or most any Sweet Fruit, Vacuum Seal the Jars than hide them….If not, they seem to leak, or something, the food always seems to disappear over a short time…. Blue, has to be Blue, I’d not open them and steal a fist full at a time HAHAHAHA.
OK, that’s it, a short Article to get you thinking about a Vacuum Sealer.They really do work, and for the cost on NOT losing foods, well you do the math.
(2) Nice Steaks at $15.00 per pound, let’s say $45 for a start.A Food Saver that will last for many years, $150ish, shop around; AND there are cheaper ones that work just as well…So you lose ONLY 3 packages of Steaks and you paid for that Equipment. And please do NOT tell me you have not lost food in the Freezer, how about that $75 Roast you forgot about in the bottom of the freezer?????

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