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On a very drowsy October morning, I found myself sitting across my mother discussingabout winter holiday plans over a cup of coffee. It wasn’t long when that little table talk brought us to the decision of taking a short and a not-so-fancy vacation during that time. The question still remained ‘Where to, this year?’ As I sipped my coffee, I couldn’t help but muse over my 2018 scintillating silk route vacation at Sikkim. At that moment I knew it was a no brainer. It had to be Sikkim again. Well, for a change, in the freezing cold of December chillsthis time!

On 26th December, after a ten hour drive, we reached the lively city of Siliguri. Often called the gateway to the northeast, it is a city of chaotic liveliness, emanating a fusion of Bengali and hillside culture. Truly unimaginable sometimes as to how a distance of merely an hour or so can transport you from the mad energy of the city to the tranquility of the mountains and the nature.

The morning of 27th dawned bright and clear and we set off for our destination, a small unheard of village in Jorethang district of West Sikkim called Baiguney with its only claim to fame being the location of the Club Mahindra Resort. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words ‘Itsnot the Destination, It’s the journey’ rang true in my mind as the entire stretch is a visual treat for the sore city eyes. The Teesta river seemed to race with the winding hillside roads and the water sparkled as if emeralds had been strewn over it. We reached the Club Mahindra Resort at Baiguney after reliving and reminiscing various memories of our last few trips to this beautiful state. Spread over a sprawling campus and located by the side of Rangeet river, the resort itself is a montage of sorts with every nook and corner inviting to be explored. The room we stayed in was surrounded by thick green foliage and the sound of the gushing mountain river lent it an indescribable charm.

That sound of silence was my sound of music for the days we stayed there. The days were spent in sun soaked exploration of nearby locales and the evenings in the snuggled comfort of the warm and tastefully done interiors of the resort. The nights in Baiguney had a distinct charm with the enigmatic darkness, the smell of the jungle air and a starry sky to completethe beautiful picture.A place so resplendent in scenic splendour had to its credit mouth watering flavours too. Be it the magic of steaming hot momos or local bakes and cakes, the sojourn was made complete with such delicacies to die for. The love and simplicity of the hillside folks was served in plateful of local and home-cooked fares that we often relished in little homestay eateries.The four magical days spent at Baiguney were like a slice of heaven. The holiday isreminiscent of sun soaked splendour of wintry mountain moments. The morning dew on the grass still make my feet tingle and the gurgling Rangeet river lives up to its name by lulling me to a reverie with its colourful melody . A part me still lives there and so I send all mylove and good thoughtsTo The mountains …till we meet again ! With love ❤

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