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Here are some snapshots of life lately! 

this !

^^ Birch and I went on a honeysuckle hike! 

Perfectly Warm 
We’ve been enjoying all the warm weather that comes before the super humid weather starts. It’s still so nice to walk outside, have dinner outside – all the outsidey things!

Warm in the sun, freezing in the pool! 
Although it is still WAY too cold for pool swimming (at least on the day I’m writing this!) 

Birdwood Golf Tourney 
Thomas and his dad played in the Birdwood Member – Guest Tournament! What a duo. 

Families were invited to join on the tourney eve for a cocktail reception.

The whole crew!

Memorial Day Workout
We kicked off summer with the annual Memorial Day parking lot workout at ACAC. 

Thank goodness it wasn’t too hot! 

Summer Patterns @ Geometry
Check out the new summer patterns at Geometry! Have a beach / lake house or know someone who does? I simply brighten up your kitchen for summer. I love the lobsters and waves. Get 15% off with my link and code KATHEATS15. 

I’m 5’2″ and Not Growing
I’m not growing but these two knuckleheads are! They’re both about to pass me! 

Summer Cut!
The before: 

The after! When you run into your cool friend leaving the hair salon!

King Family P0lo
I can’t remember the last time I made it out to King Family Vineyards for polo! It was HOT on this day and we were sipping ice and sweating in the shade!

The moment when we realized you can tap iPhones and share contact data! Our faces!

King Family Trivia
We went back to King Family the following Wednesday for their Wednesday night trivia. I went a few times last fall and had a blast! We did not win, but it’s always fun to sip some Meritage outdoors.

This night ended with us being freezing cold! 

The Final Crozet Hurrah
Our friend Seth gave us the Crozet Sunday tour: sandwiches from Greenwood Grocery enjoyed at Septenary Vineyards. DIY ice cream sammies. A hike a Mint Springs. And Rummikub on his screened in porch!

Kath Eats Real Food

Blue Apron Quiche + Brussels

Loved the goat cheese quiche

Daily Harvest Flatbread

Frozen cod over a salad

Corner Juice smoothie

Moe’s BBQ takeout – so good!

Egg and cheese sammie

Sardine salad with pita chips

Salmon cake over arugula salad

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