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Juhu is surely a hotspot for many beautiful cafés and
swanky restaurants. The entire stretch houses a variety of dining options, from
small & medium sized outlets to really glamorous bistros. Being a college
student, I hop around the streets of Juhu, eating at affordable diners at least
once in a fortnight. La Sanazaar is one place which doesn’t burn a hole in my
pocket and at the same time satisfies all my gastronomical desires. The café
has an interesting outdoor setting with a small seating arrangement and an open
bar. To my surprise, I found the café a little undermaintained, somewhat
contradicting the Zomato reviews and gallery.

Chicken Malai Tikka Pizza

Started a hearty lunch with a bowl of burnt garlic
rice. It looks like any other regular rice preparation, decked with few
assortments of vegetables but the dish makes sure that every grain of rice
breaks up in your mouth with a Smokey essence. It’s worth a try. My favourite that
day, was ‘The All Veg’ pizza (surprisingly!). The pop of flavours unfailingly
matched the pop of colours on that pizza and the perfectly blended sauce with
the right of amount sweet and spice covered the thin crusted base. The Malai
Tikka pizza was a fusion of Indian and Italian flavours. It had a trace of
sweetness to it and but wasn’t a disappointment. Ordered, a red sauce pasta
which was a setback to the entire experience. It was full of flavours and very
well tossed but the pastas were absolutely undercooked. Nevertheless, the quantity
of each item was wholesome.

If you ask me about the experience and food at La Sanazaar, I am not sure my answer will entirely be in black or white but I wouldn’t discourage a visit too. The café lacks an awe element to it but a company with food and friends can never go wrong.

Anushka Verma

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