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Kraft Market Blend rectangle and round canning labels for jars, bottles, spices, and homemade baked goods

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Is your newest batch of preserves or salsa just so darn artisan that it tastes like it came from that frou-frou grocery? Good! That means you need our Custom Kraft Market Blend canning labels. These round kraft labels are perfect for unique seasonal gifts, farmer’s markets or even just looking pretty on your pantry shelves.Our Custom Kraft Market Blend canning labels print with your name, contents or canning date. Include optional ingredients or contact info in small text at the bottom. Add these to all your most rustic creations… just be sure to remove the twigs and bark first!Spicing it up? Adding a dash of whakka-wow in the mix!? Our Kraft Market Blend canning labels would be a great pairing for your flavorful experimentations. These blank kraft labels have plenty of room to handwrite your own contents, name, ingredients, date or saying.Use these Kraft Market Blend canning labels on spices, herbs, barbecue rubs or anything that is a flavor sensation.Choose from 6 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, and Black. Each sheet prints with ONE color.Our labels are sold by the sheet in 2 sizes. Not sure what size canning lid label you need? Please see our canning jar label size chart.2 inch (20 labels per sheet) for regular mouth lids2.5 inch (12 labels per sheet) for wide mouth lidsYou know, when I think of “Let’s have a wild time,” I often think of canning. What with all the washing, peeling, chopping, stewing, etc, etc… things can really get crazy! In that spirit, we offer our Custom Kraft Market Blend rectangle canning labels.These Custom Kraft Market Blend rectangle canning labels are perfect for adding an exotic flair to homemade gifts or for labeling foods for folks in the cottage food industry. Labels print with a name, food, and short saying or date. Add an optional short ingredient list or contact info in small text at the bottom.

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