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Join Us in Celebrating #NoakesDay! on 8 June 🚀

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On 8 June, we honor the incredible contributions of Prof Tim Noakes and The Noakes Foundation to the world of nutrition, Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR), and health. 🚀 Their work has empowered countless individuals to take control of their well-being and make informed decisions about their health.

It’s heartening to note how much has changed since those early days, thanks to the tireless efforts of The Noakes Foundation and the Nutrition Network. This was the war that had to be fought for us to be able to do our work today, and their contributions to medicine in this area are invaluable. The advances in research and the growing acceptance of TCR as a viable and effective approach to managing chronic diseases are testaments to their dedication and perseverance.

Jayne Bullen, Managing Director at Nutrition Network and COO of The Noakes Foundation, aptly captures the essence of Prof Noakes’s unwavering commitment:

“The thing about him is that he doesn’t give up or buckle like the rest of us might. He doesn’t get bullied into silence and he doesn’t fault his beliefs or doubt them. He does his research. Like any true leader and coach, Prof really holds clear in his faith and knows that time and effort pays off.”

As we celebrate #NoakesDay, let’s reflect on the significant strides made in the field of nutrition and health, and acknowledge the pioneers who have made it possible. Prof Tim Noakes and The Noakes Foundation have paved the way for a healthier future, and their legacy continues to inspire us all.

Join the celebration, share your stories, and let’s continue to support this incredible movement for better health!

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