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Is Apple Cider Good For You? Yes, Especially Fermented. — FermentWorks

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Probiotics. A single apple has over 100,000 different microbes 90% of those are in the core of the apple which usually goes uneaten but is definitely part of the cider. Included in these microorganisms are lactic acid bacteria which are present from apple to finished cider — as long as they aren’t killed by the cidermaker. (If you want a probiotic cider, you can’t apply sulfur dioxide (SO2) and you can’t pasteurize your finished cider, which is probably why it’s so rare to see a cider advertising its probiotic content.) When you make your own cider, you can control all these aspects and can produce a probiotic-rich cider. Taking it to the next fermentation levelYou can make a great tasting, healthy fermented cider beverage for very little to no money. The next natural stop for that fermented cider is to continue its fermentation by passing off the baton to acetic acid producing bacteria, which consume the alcohol produced by the yeasts and turn that into acetic acid, the sour punch of vinegar. Its actually pretty beautiful isn’t it? If you enjoy imbibing now and then you can create a fermented cider at the alcohol level you want, with or without carbonation, with or without sweetness. Don’t like the alcohol, no problem, just open that wonderful cider up to the air and acetobactors and you will soon have some very tasty and healthy homemade vinegar. Learn how to make your own cider you can pick up a copy of our cidermaking book The Big Book of Cidermaking from ANYWHERE you buy books. Or, signed directly from us. If you want to take it to its natural fermented finale, order a copy of Kirsten’s upcoming Homebrewed Vinegar: How to Ferment 60 Delicious Varieties or order a copy from us and have it signed!If you prefer learning by watching and making along we have just released a complete class on how to make vinegar, that includes extensive lessons on how to make apple cider vinegar.

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