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InnovAsian Debuts Del Corazón, Latin-Inspired and Chef Curated Line of Frozen Family Meals

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Del Corazón (“from the heart”), a new brand developed by InnovAsian Cuisine, Inc., a world-class provider of frozen multi-serve global cuisine meals, announced it is launching a new lineup of Latin-inspired frozen family meals in select retail locations across the country. The launch includes 10 boldly flavored, chef-curated entrées and sides, including vegan and vegetarian options, that are fit for every family’s unique dinnertime cravings.In creating the brand, Del Corazón conducted multiple rounds of testing with more than 4,700 consumers to produce delicious, quality meals that are easy to make, allowing families to have more time to connect with each other over a pivotal aspect of Latin culture: food. With limited options for consumers in the Latin-inspired frozen space, Del Corazón enters the market as the first multi-serve brand that allows a family to make a full meal with entrées and sides.“We’re incredibly proud of the hard work our team has put in to make today’s launch in Minneapolis and Tampa possible,” said Joe Kent, CEO of InnovAsian. “From day one, we’ve worked with consumers to ensure that all aspects of our brand – from our name, to our packaging, to the quality and variety of meals – were family-tried and family-approved. We want every household that purchases our products to feel the love behind each dish, because that’s where it comes from – the heart.”The menu includes:
Crispy Chicken with Sweet Chipotle Sauce (Entrée)
Grilled Chicken Chipotle (Entrée)
Chicken Adobo Rice (Entrée)
Grilled Chicken Verde (Entrée)
Crispy Poppers Jalapeño Bacon (Side)
Crispy Poppers Chicken and Cheese (Side)
Beef Empanadas (Side)
Chicken Empanadas (Side)
Zesty Cilantro Lime Rice (Vegan Side)
Roasted Ranchero Potatoes (Vegan Side)
“Our extensive research across consumer, brand, and product has allowed Del Corazón to experience significant grocery acceptance beyond a traditional new product introduction,” said Angela Rosenquist, chief growth officer at InnovAsian. “Our retail partners believe in our track record, the trust we’ve built with consumers, and ultimately the potential of Del Corazón to create a new category. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Del Corazón to families throughout the nation.”Del Corazón will be available at retailers including Alberton’s, Jewel-Osco, Safeway Winn Dixie and more. About InnovAsian Cuisine, Inc.InnovAsian world-class provider of frozen Asian multi-serve meals, was founded in Seattle in 1998. For more than 25 years, InnovAsian has believed that its spirit of innovation and passion for Asian cuisine will never dim, because it is dedicated to making meal time memorable for the entire family. Today, the company has expanded to a wide variety of delicious food options to virtually all grocery stores  across the country.  

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