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How To Make Soup Noodles — Manning Canning Kitchen

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Growing up, we would spend our summers mostly in British Columbia; either in Kelowna or in Sparwood where my mother was born and raised and where my Nonna, Aunt and Uncle lived.They were neighbours. My Nonna lived in her house on her own and right next door were my Auntie Dena, Uncle Rudy and their 3 kids. When we would stay in Sparwood, it would be at my Nonna’s house. Some days we would all have dinner at my Nonna’s and other days we would all be over at my Aunt’s. And throughout the day all of us kids would travel between the two houses like we owned them. Doors banging, shoes flying on and off. It was a great time of life. But in all of those years, never once did I get to have my Aunt’s home made soup noodles.So when I went out to visit them in the fall, I insisted that not only did she make them for me, but that she taught me how to make soup noodles, so that I could learn to make them myself. I believe we need to pass these recipes on or they get lost…and for some reason, that thought makes me sad.

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