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How to approach Clients – Marketing & Pitching strategies — FOODlight Academy

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*Now the subtitles are available – click on CC* You can download the pdf of the presentation on this link.This training is for anyone who: doesn’t have a corporate experience in marketing, and wants to understand how marketing department works and is structured; want to approach certain types of brands for the first time and need some insights about how to do so; want to learn about different types of potential clients to diversify the income streams.During the training, we spoke about: How marketing department is structuredWhat marketing communication department covers and where digital marketing is located, what are their responsabilities and roles inside,What type fo people we can contactHow marketing structure looks like in different size businesses and who is the decision maker we should apporachStrategies to approach differnet types of businesses – magazines, publishing houses, restaurants, local businesses, small/medium/large food brands, agencies, representing agents, hotels/hospitality, food/lifestyle bloggersResources related to the training Pitch email templates – click here Mission Portfolio course – learn about how to create SEO-friendly portfolio – click herePricing course – learn how to set your prices with confidence – click hereClient Mastery Roadmap – learn the process of working with clients from creating a relationship to completing a project – click here

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