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There is nothing like fresh Strawberry Lemonade. If you are craving something cold and refreshing, this is it! Adding fresh blended strawberries to Classic Lemonade infuses it with a sweet and tangy strawberry flavor. It’s a drink the whole family will sip happily.

Lemon is such a vibrant ingredient for summer recipes. My in-laws have lemon trees so we are well-supplied and love to put lemons to good use. We make everything from Lemon Cheesecake to Lemon Chicken and, of course, this Strawberry Lemonade recipe because it’s effortless and loved by everyone.

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Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

This is my favorite drink to order when I see it on restaurant menus and I especially love getting those tiny bits of fresh strawberry in the straw. It’s actually very easy to make it at home for a fraction of the price (those refills can really add up)! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also blend a few basil leaves with the strawberries and give the drink a sophisticated new flavor.

Strawberry Lemonade makes for a great party drink. If you don’t know what to do with your extra lemons and prefer to make lemonade from scratch, you can start with fresh-squeezed lemonade. For a larger crowd, there’s no shame in pulling a can of store-bought lemonade out of the freezer. You’ll find instructions below for both methods.


Lemonade – you can use homemade Lemonade (1 recipe makes 10 cups), a good quality storebought lemonade, or frozen concentrate*

Strawberries – fresh or frozen/thawed will work. Blend until smooth to add a fresh strawberry taste and rosy color.

Basil – this is optional, but a few basil leaves can add exciting flavor. Also, a little goes a long way so don’t go overboard.

Lemon Slices – add 1 slice to each glass for garnish if desired.

Ice – add the ice as needed just before serving so it doesn’t dilute the lemonade.

Pro Tip:

*If using Frozen Lemonade: Use a 12 oz can of frozen Lemonade Concentrate and prepare according to the package instructions. This is typically 1 can of concentrate mixed with 4 1/3 cans of water.

How to Make Strawberry Lemonade

Make lemonade – prepare homemade lemonade (or from concentrate) and pour lemonade into a pitcher.

Strawberries – combine 3/4 of your strawberries with a small handful of basil in a good blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

Combine – stir strawberry basil mixture into lemonade.

To Serve – pour lemonade over glasses of ice. Slice the remaining strawberries and lemon and use them as garnish for your pitcher and serving glasses.

Tips for the Best Strawberry Lemonade

We’ve all been there – you’re desperately thirsty and want to gulp down that strawberry lemonade but there’s a strawberry lodged in the straw. If you are going to be drinking through a straw or using a drink dispenser, you will want to:

Blend strawberries really well so they don’t get stuck in your straw and won’t clog up the spout on a drink dispenser.

Strain if desired – if you want a super smooth and pulp-free lemonade, you can strain the strawberry puree before adding it to the lemonade. We love the pulp so we never strain it.

For ice-cold lemonade, keep the pitcher refrigerated until ready to serve, then pour it over glasses with ice just before serving. If your lemonade is chilled to begin with, the ice won’t melt as quickly.

Add ice to the glasses (not the pitcher) so you don’t dilute your lemonade

Can I use Frozen Strawberries?

Yes! You can still enjoy strawberry lemonade in winter by substituting it with frozen strawberries. Frozen strawberries in sugar will also work, but keep in mind the syrup is very sweet, so you may need to add more water to your finished lemonade.

You can also experiment with different berries to make Raspberry Lemonade, sparkling Cherry Lemonade, or even Blackberry Limeade.

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Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Fresh homemade Strawberry Lemonade will satisfy the craving for something cold and refreshing. Adding strawberries and basil to classic lemonade is brilliant!

Prep Time: 15 minutes minsTotal Time: 15 minutes mins

Cook ModePrevent your screen from going dark

Pour lemonade into a pitcher. Set aside 4 strawberries to slice for garnish if desired. Cut the remaining strawberries in half.In a blender or food processor combine the halved strawberries and basil leaves (if using), and process until smooth. Stir strawberry mixture, remaining sliced strawberries and lemon slices into the lemonade and serve over glasses filled with ice.

*If using 1 (12 oz) can frozen Lemonade, prepare according to package instructions on the can: 1 can of concentrate mixed with 4 1/3 cans of water. 

130kcal Calories33g Carbs1g Protein1g Fat1g Saturated Fat1g Polyunsaturated Fat1g Monounsaturated Fat15mg Sodium51mg Potassium1g Fiber29g Sugar37IU Vitamin A19mg Vitamin C7mg Calcium1mg Iron

Nutrition FactsStrawberry Lemonade RecipeAmount per Serving% Daily Value** Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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