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This month I wanted to share either a persimmon recipe or a quince recipe. Well, after much thought and research on recipes for persimmon jelly here is what I learned. If you don’t happen to have a persimmon tree in your yard or the woods nearby, they are not readily available.  If and when you can find them for sale, they are also expensive. Another thing I learned is that persimmons are persnickety and only taste good if you find them fully ripened, but if not ripe they can have a strong pucker power. Yikes! So with all this in mind and the fact that I like to share recipes with you that you can actually make and enjoy, I opted for the quince jelly recipe.  Here is what I learned about quinces. They are much easier to find at the local produce market. They look somewhat like a pear but have a texture like a hard apple. You can’t eat them raw but they make a lovely pink jelly that has a delicate flavor with hints of apple and rose because they are related to both. Also the recipe looked easy to make. (bonus!)  So without further ado… Here is the October recipe for Quince Jelly.    prep time: 30 minutescook time:15 minutes

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