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Healthy Passover Recipes | Elana’s Pantry

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My Passover recipes will take your gluten free Seder to the next level of healthy!

Healthy Passover Recipes

This time of year, the requests for Pesach dishes come in a mile a minute.

So, I’m sharing my gluten free Seder menu here to give you a peek at the Passover meals we have each year.

Gluten Allergy? No Passover Problem!

I created this gluten free menu full of my favorite classic Passover food after I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

It’s also perfect for our friends who suffer from a gluten allergy.

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Low Carb Recipes for Passover

I hope you enjoy these Pesah family favorites at your Seder!

Charoset Recipe

Most years, I make three batches of this fabulous, carb conscious Charoset. It’s my older son’s favorite Passover recipe.During the Seder, this sweet, fruity dish holds a special, symbolic place at the table, reminding us of the mortar that the Jews used to bond bricks while enslaved in Egypt.


Wondering what is Maror? This bitter herb reminds us of the bitter times our people have faced.

How to Boil Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs are not only one of my favorite high protein snacks, they’re an important part of the Seder plate, alluding to rebirth and renewal. My step by step instructions on how long to boil eggs will give you the perfect boiled egg, every time.

Gluten Free Matzo

I created this Gluten Free Matzo with almond flour recipe for my low carb readers after numerous requests. It’s the perfect little Gluten Free Matzo cracker for all year round.

Chicken Marbella

A stunning combination of flavors, including prunes, olives, and oregano, my Chicken Marbella recipe from Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry graces our Seder table every Passover.If you’re looking for low carb dinner ideas for Pesah, try my Beef Brisket Recipe.

Gefilte Fish

One of my favorite memories is of my Bubby, a powerhouse in the kitchen, who made everything from scratch, including her homemade Gefilte Fish recipe.Wondering what is gefilte fish? Simply stated, it’s little balls made of a mixture of ground deboned fish.

Aparagus Salad with Tomatoes and Basil

Asparagus Salad with Tomatoes and Basil is one of my favorite easy side dishes. Perfect for just about all diets, that will make your Seder table and taste buds sparkle. The flavors of basil and tomatoes make this salad pop, it’s something everyone enjoys.

Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup

Classic Matzo Ball Soup, just like my Bubby made, is a fantastic low carb Passover recipe! These matzo balls are one of my easy almond flour recipes. No gluten filled matzo meal here!

Gluten Free Kugel

What is kugel? From Yiddish to English, the word kugel describes a sweet or savory baked pudding or casserole. Though typically made with egg noodles or potatoes, my Carrot Kugel recipe is SCD compliant, made with carrots.

Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons

Naturally sweetened with honey, my gluten free Coconut Macaroons are perfect for Passover and so good we make them all year round!Better yet, this is one of my easy 4 ingredient recipes.

Kosher Desserts

Did you know that all of the baked goods recipes on my website are kosher for Passover?

That’s because they do not contain chametz. Take a look at my best Passover Dessert Recipes for more ideas!

Seder Plate Items

If you’re not familiar with preparing a gluten free Seder, take a look at my Favorite Passover Ingredients post to get started!

Passover the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Now, moving on from food to some other Pesach items. Wondering why Passover is referred to as the feast of unleavened bread?

When we were enslaved in Egypt, there was not enough time to let bread rise before fleeing through the desert and crossing the Red Sea.

Because of this, when we celebrate Passover, we refrain from eating leavened bread for seven days, commemorating our freedom.

When Does Passover Start

Although the dates change annually, Passover is always seven days long and starts on the 15th day of the month of Nissan on the Hebrew calendar. This date typically falls in March or April.

When Does Passover End

The 22nd day of the month of Nissan on the Hebrew calendar is always the last day of Passover.

Do Jewish People Celebrate Easter

I’m often asked, do Jewish people celebrate Easter? That’s a bit tricky. The point of Easter is to celebrate Christ, and Jews do not believe that the Messiah has come yet, so the two holidays are not necessarily compatible.

But, I do confess, my Mother might have snuck us a bit of Easter candy here and there some years, as we lived on the West Coast and were drowning in Christian holidays, with few Jews in our town.

Happy Passover Images

I love looking at old Passover images of items like the Seder plate above that my husband made when he was 8 years old –we still use it today.

I’m always snapping great photos like that one and sharing them over on my Instagram.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Passover?

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I knew I’d have to create Passover classics from my low carb and keto recipes. Healthy and hearty, just the way Bubby made them, only better.

What’s your favorite part of Pesach? Leave a comment and let me know!

This post is an oldie but goodie from the archives. I first shared my Healthy Passover Recipes in 2012.

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