Do you know how I stay motivated to cook?

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Here’s something that might surprise you: 
Action leads to motivation
Most people “look for motivation” 
Meaning they wait for something to come around and motivate or nudge them along.
That ☝️ was definitely me.
If a wedding or event was around the corner, I’d get “motivated” to eat salads and workout so I could lose some weight before the big day.
To my credit, I’d keep it up for a little while afterwards, but the motivation always faded and I’d end up regressing to my “old ways.”
Can you relate?
The truth is ACTION leads to motivation, motivation doesn’t lead to action. 
Here’s a real life example to demonstrate this: 
The last time we moved, I put off packing. I didn’t know where to start, so I procrastinated, which made me even more stressed and anxious about the move and yet I still didn’t do anything! 
I knew exactly what I had to do and I still didn’t do it! I was waiting to be “motivated.”
Eventually my husband said to me, “Just put one thing in a box! ONE THING!” 
And you know what? It worked!  I took action: I put something in a box. Then I put something else in. On and on it went and I became a packing machine!
Every action — every packed thing — motivated me to pack more.
Every time I prepare one meal for myself, I am motivated to prepare another one…
Every time I make a good choice, I’m motivated to “keep it up”
Success only comes from taking action.
Deep down you know these words ring true. 
Can you think of an example from your own life? 
BOTTOM LINE: As a FT worker with people to feed, a chore list that never shrinks!, and a pesky GI illness, I deeply understand how challenging it can be to find the motivation to cook, especially after the holidays. 
That’s why I am here to inspire you and make it easier than ever. 
Starting on Monday (Jan 8) I’ll be starting a series called “Make-It-Monday” with a free, simple, fast recipe. A little motivation and mini challenge to see if you’ll make it. 
The image attached to this post is the debut recipe in the series: Queso’d Bowl. YUM
Why? Starting Monday off with a homemade meal sets the tone for a successful week ahead. Action creates motivation, remember?
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