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China Food Trade Fair 良之隆 2024 | Wuhan International Expo Center

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EB proudly participated China Food Trade Fair 良之隆 2024 took place at the Wuhan International Expo Center held from 28th to 30th, March where food production enterprises from across the country converged. The exhibition hall was bustling with attendees, with over 4,600 domestic and international food ingredient companies participating. Food ingredients spanning various categories such as meat, poultry, seafood, pasta, fruits, vegetables, hotpot ingredients, seasonings, agricultural products, speciality ingredients, as well as pre-prepared and imported/exported ingredients were showcased, making it one of central China’s largest B2B professional food ingredient exhibitions.EB Group showcased a diverse range of products at the exhibition, including Dim Sum Series, Hotpot Series, and Finger Food Series. These offerings not only attracted professionals from various industries but also garnered significant interest and attention from the general audience.The success of EB Group’s participation in the China Food Trade Fair 良之隆 2024 fully exemplified its strong commitment and proactive stance toward food safety. Moving forward, EB Group remains dedicated to delivering high-quality and safe products to earn further favour and market recognition from consumers.

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