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Cat Gieser is a yoga/mat pilates instructor, certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist, Certified Nutrition Consultant, and founder of Mama Flow Studio. Mama Flow is a virtual yoga and sculpt studio designed to help moms have an empowering pregnancy, a more positive birth experience and a smoother postpartum recovery. Cat utilizes a unique approach to perinatal movement that focuses on the full body with core and pelvic floor health at the center of it all. Cat is also a mother of two and is a Bay Area native.Cat’s favorite form of self care is waking up 30 minutes before her kids to take a cold shower and meditate for 15 minutes. She shares that “starting my day off this way is non-negotiable! If one of my little ones wake up, I have them sit quietly with me while I meditate.”Words of advice from Cat: Something is better than nothing. When I first started the Oh Baby training, I was so diligent about scheduling out study time and keeping up with the release of new content. But a few weeks in, life became really full, and I quickly fell behind. It was easy to get into the mindset of guilt and shame. At some point, I decided to take my own advice. If I was on the stationary bike, I’d read while doing it and swap Netflix watching for reading. All those little regular nuggets of 15-20 minutes added up and I was able to move through the modules more quickly than I did when I was struggling to find 1-2 hours of time.What effects has the Oh Baby certification had on your business and life? As I was going through the OBN course, I used myself as a guinea pig with many of the protocols and recommendations that were outlined in the program, particularly around hormone balance and blood sugar regulation. Since I cook all the meals in my family, I slowly adjusted their dietary habits as well and we’ve all really been positively impacted by these changes. Now working with clients 1:1 on their pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, I feel like I can really authentically speak to my own experience about how making these small changes can make a huge impact.Tell us about how you’ve navigated your business. In 2020, I decided to start my business and venture into the perinatal health world after having a very tough birth and postpartum recovery. Learning how to heal and strengthen my body holistically, I was inspired to help educate and support other moms through the process too, since postpartum support felt like it was non-existent. I started out really small — working with just a few clients here and there, always knowing I had a dream of opening up a virtual studio and scaling my impact. Juggling a young family while chasing my dreams and building a business turned out to be quite a wild ride. Even when it felt impossible, I just kept going, no matter how slow it went, and I’m just so proud of what I’ve built and how it continues to grow and evolve!Join Cat’s community and be a part of her journey on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube.

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