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Canning Recipe of the Week: Old Time Peach Butter

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It has been some time since I thought about peaches but summer is here and fresh peaches are right around the corner!  Whether you grow your own or buy them from a pick your own orchard or even from a farmers market, making peach preserves is a great way to store up some summer flavor to bright a long cold winter day!Today I am sharing a less well known type of peach preserves. You have heard of apple butter, but did you know you can make peach butter?  Yes! you can! (pun intended).  And here is a great old fashioned recipe for you to try! For this recipe, you will want to decide how many pints you can make with the amount of peaches you have ahead of time.  You will need roughly one pound of fruit for each pint you want to make. Ingredients:One pound fresh peaches per pint sweetener to taste, either sugar or honeyoptional:  add a teaspoon of cinnamon for each pound of fruitDirections:Remove the pits from your peaches and cut them into quarters.In your food processor or high-speed blender process the peaches until they are smooth but not liquefied – we are wanting a smooth puree, not peach juice.Cook the puree until it reaches a thick consistency using one of two options… Crock Pot Version: This method takes longer (anywhere from several hours to all day), but requires less babysitting. Pour your peach puree into your crock pot and set it on low, cracking the lid open to allow the steam to escape so that your peach puree will thicken.  Stove top Version: This method takes less time, but you need to be there to avoid burning and a big mess. Pour the peach puree in a large stock pot and cook on the stove over medium-low heat. Stirfring frequently to prevent burning and splashing. Continue to cook until it reaches the desired consistency about 30-40 minutes.Give it a quick taste test to see if it needs extra sweetener some peaches are pretty sweet already, so only add as much as you need to your taste. Add your cinnamon here too if desired. Fill your jars and process in a boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes. Add 5 minutes for every 1000 ft in altitude above 1000 feet.
Date and label your jars using a decorative label that you bought from my store! 

Like this one that I just designed today especially for peach recipes.

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