Canning Recipe of the Week: Ed’s Real Coffee Jelly

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So I discovered this recipe on an obscure recipe sharing site.
Some guy named Ed shared it and one of the people who made it says it is… “Real jelly, not the gelatinized stuff other recipes call coffee jelly – this is something to use with PB&J. Not an easy recipe for the preciseness of measuring and rigor of following instructions. It’s got to be done this way or it will not work, at least by my experience it will not work. Experience and/or knowledge of canning is required if the jelly is to be stored at room temperature.Observe the precautions, or keep all the jelly in the refrigerator” Well, I figure if you are reading this, you have a working knowledge of jelly making and canning. If you are a first time canner I recommend you make a few easier recipes to get some experience and then come back to this one later. That way you can store it on the shelf and not have to eat coffee jelly every day for the next 6 months to keep it from spoiling.Ed’s Real Coffee Jelly Ingredients: 
 4 cups water (32 oz) 
15-20 teaspoons instant coffee
1 box fruit pectin (1.75oz )
5 1/2 cups sugar ( 2 1/4 lb) 

[Authors note: upon reading the instructions I thought it might be a  good idea to mention… have a timer handy for this recipe so you will be able to measure that one minute in step number 6. Also have your water bath canner ready ahead of time which is just a normal thing anyway, but this one sounds like it is extra important not to dally getting the jars packed and processing if we want it to set. I would be interested to know how it goes if you make this one.]

Have four 16-ounce canning jars prepared for use. The recipe will
fill three jars, and most of the fourth. If canning the jelly, follow
instructions for a boiling-water canner. If not canning, have the jars
Reserve one cup water, pour remaining water into a six- or eight-quart saucepan.
Pour one cup water into a small mixing bowl, add the instant coffee, mix until dissolved.
Measure the sugar, then set to the side.
Add the pectin to
the water in the saucepan, stir constantly while using high heat to
bring to bring to a full, rolling boil – that’s a boil that will not
stir down.
Add all the sugar, keep stirring until the mixture returns to a full, rolling boil, then boil for one minute, remove from heat.
Very carefully, add
the coffee in small amounts to ensure it does not boil over, then return
the hot mixture to the heat only as long as takes to boil again.
If canning the
jelly, fill the jars and process according to the instructions for a
boiling-water canner. Cap and refrigerate the partially filled jar
without processing in the canner.
For refrigerated jelly, fill the jars to the bottom of the neck, then cap.
Let stand a few hours until cool before placing in the refrigerator, all those jars of hot jelly would warm everything else.
May take two to three days to set fully.

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