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Summers are a particularly busy time of year here at Manning Canning. Farmer’s Markets start, festival and shows pick up momentum and of course Ontario produce becomes available so you can find us in the kitchen preserving the harvest on the regular. In addition to that, I have been flying back to Alberta on a more regular basis to spend time with my mom who has been undergoing chemotherapy. It’s been a balancing act finding time for all of the demands of summer and sometimes something has to give. Since May – that has been the time I have been able to spend writing, sharing and posting here.But what doesn’t tend to slip off the list is the time I spend experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, techniques and of course developing new products for Manning Canning.When I was out with my mom in February and her appetite happened to be at an all time low, I found myself flipping through some of her recipe books looking for inspiration for things I could make and fill her freezer with for when I was gone. One book in particular grabbed my attention and as I was looking through it’s pages, it was impossible for me not to linger on the section titled ‘Preserves’. I took photos of a few recipes that grabbed my attention and I made a note in my calendar when I expected the Ontario produce used in these recipes to be in season. So when peach season arrived, I consulted my photos and began to play around with a recipe that I thought would be the perfect Ode to Canada 150. Canada 150 marmalade12 Bosc Pears12 Macintosh Apples12 Peaches2 lemons8 orangesOrganic Cane Sugar

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