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BTS, “To The Rhythm” film — Holly Pickering, Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer London

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Very belatedly sharing some behind the scenes imagery, taken during the filming of our new short film, “To The Rhythm” a mini documentary featuring the ridiculously talented drummer Chrisy Lopez. Shot over the course of one (very long!) day we captured footage across two dramatically different locations, contrasting Chrisy’s colourful and cocoon-like studio with a grey urban environment. A lot of planning went in to the sound design, particularly with the challenge of our second location being under a massive motorway underpass – a deliberate choice to contrast the clean studio sound with the messy echoes of the underpass…Massive thanks to the amazing team who worked so hard to pull this together in such a short time!Talent Chrisy Lopez Drums, Director Holly Pickering, DOP Ed Andrews, Sound design by Potion Soundworks and assist and bts shots Celso Marrero.View the finished film here.

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