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While travelling in this kali peeli taxi, I struck a conversation with my friend who had just come down to Bombay from Delhi. Being equally obsessive about the cities we lived in, we managed to enter a passionate yet friendly banter about which city appealed to us more. Evidently, there wasn’t a clear winner. Mulling over this for some time, it dawned upon a little sooner than expected that, it is the city where you have your set of firsts, it is the city where you explore your freedom, it is the city where you make your own decisions, and it is the city where you find your first set of friends away from home, it is that city which you will forever hold close to your heart no matter what. And therefore somehow, my hometown and Bombay have a special yet distinct meaning for me.

The rush, the run, the noise and the madness were dauting and overwhelming initially. Fast forward few weeks and you are part of the orchestrated hustle. The city changes a little more and a little less every day and with it, the people. So, when every time somebody asks me why I look forward to going to Bombay. I reply that it is the new things and changes which keeps the city alive and going and all of us in it.

The blue of the sky and the depth of the ocean, the whirlpool of people at the railway stations and the stark contrast of the slums and skyscrapers cannot miss to grab one’s attention. It was only a matter of time when Bombay became my muse. This picture, if nothing more is a subtle reminder of all the times, I have not only picked up the camera to capture a moment but also seize the memory along with it. With each click and each flash, I have arrested time. Time, which I can now fondly call sweet memories.


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