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This video is a conversation about the making of the book Miso, Tempeh, Natto, and Other Tasty Ferments. It is an invitation to meet us as fermentation authors and learn a little bit about our journey writing this book, which became a 2019 Foreword INDIES Winner and a 2020 IACP Cookbook Award Finalist.We have given a signed copy of every one of our books to Christopher’s mom, who then dutifully reads them cover to cover and does the mom thing, praising the pictures and forgetting the words. Being the authors of the words, and not the photographers of the photos, its a mixed praise. Miso, Tempeh, Natto, and other Tasty Ferments was something different for Patricia. It was a slog, a forced march through a world in which she saw nothing familiar, nothing from her cooking experience, all foreign.Maybe you grew up like Kirsten and have enjoyed a varied diet with lots of other culture’s favorites showing up at your table, so much so that you see all cuisines as interesting, flavorful, and worth exploring. Or maybe you grew up like Christopher, eating what your parents ate, which is what their parents ate. Anything outside of this is something new, something you have no experience with. Kirsten grew up living in lots of places, including Southeast Asia. Christopher grew up in Missouri and the closest he got to Southeast Asia was watching M.A.S.H. reruns. Maybe you and your partner came from these two different food worlds, as we did, and have made your own unique food traditions.Food is a tool for exchange of culture. – David Zilber, who wrote the forewardThis book is in-depth but its also approachable, breaking down everything into step-by-step techniques for fermenting beans and grains in your home kitchen, with minimal new equipment. There are more than 50 recipes for using these ferments in condiments, dishes at every meal, even dessert. Chocolate miso babka is something Christopher still wakes up thinking he will make, no, that he needs to make that day. Ferments can change your life.If you prefer learning with a class check out:Tempeh Masterclass, where you will learn everything you need to know to easily make delicious tempeh at home. For vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking to eat a little less meat in their diet tempeh can easily become your go-to protein-rich main course. How to Make Miso class, where you learn to ferment miso paste from scratch at home safely and successfully. This beginning class will get you started by understanding koji and everything else you need to know to make traditional style miso and modern style tasty pastes.Yes, natto is coming so stay tuned!

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