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National Banana Bread day was on February 23rd. I’m a little late to the party but whatevs. Summer is the season in which I’m accustomed to eating it. In fact, you might say that I’m programmed to eat banana bread during this time of year.I grew up in Colorado where thunderstorms ruled the sky in summertime afternoons. It was an ominous yet exciting spectacle. A horizon of towering dark clouds would blanket the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and with the clouds was a monsoon-like downpour and a powerful lightening show. This meant that I retreated inside with my siblings to watch the storm from behind glass windowpanes. Every afternoon, indoor activities – board games and reading and art projects – were an integral part of our summer routine, as was eating banana bread. My mom probably made it once a week in the summer when we were kids. And I’m pleased to share this recipe which is from my late grandmother Everett’s pantry. I included a photocopy of her original recipe card — with its faded blue ink and crinkled paper and food stains, you can see that it has gotten quite a bit of use over the years! 

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