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Avocado Caesar Green Beans Recipe

Must Try

This Avocado Caesar + Green Beans Combo Is Magic.

Like, we’re here to talk about green beans, but pick anything from the garden and dunk it in this sauce and it will be your favorite food all summer.
Bjork’s parents were over for dinner a few weeks ago and I made a batch of air fryer chicken (because, what else?). We needed just one more thing to make it into a meal. I had a bag of green beans. I had a craving for this avocado caesar dressing. It was a perfect recipe meet-cute right there in a moment of pre-dinner chaos, and now it’s our summer meal formula.
The salty, bright creaminess of the caesar-like sauce gets all wrapped up with the tender, summery-fresh green beans and lil crispy bits on top and it’s just so good. Fun to look at, fun to eat, and a new summer favorite.

This + any protein is kind of the meal formula for us at the moment. And I feel like you could replicate this formula with almost any garden vegetable! Grilled or roasted zucchini, asparagus, or fresh tender garden lettuce (like a real Caesar).
Easy proteins I usually turn to:

Finally, a special word of endorsement for the avocado caesar dressing in this recipe. No matter what veggie we serve it with, they absolutely love it. I have heard the same from so many of you on Instagram – specifically that your kids like it! I do not know what it is about this sauce, but if you are feeding kids, I hope this sauce alone unlocks something for you at mealtime.
It’s lemony and tangy and finger-licking delicious with minimal ingredient usage. My favorite!

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