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3 New Maple Syrup Bottle Labels for the Upcoming Sugaring Season

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Maple Season is coming up fast over the horizon. Are you ready? Have you planned out what graphics will grace your precious tree-juice jars? What!? That’s the most important part of the process*!!! Here’s a look at three new designs that CanningCrafts offers to make your extraordinary maple syrup even more glamorous on the shelf.
*it’s really not. But it is a fun little treat for yourself after breaking your back maple-sugaring!
Daaa-Da-Na-Na. This is the forest. Trees are in this forest. Maple trees. We tap these trees to make syrup. Maple Syrup. My name is Joe Tuesday. Our Just the Facts, Maple syrup labels are a no-nonsense label for no-nonsense maple sugarers.Our Just the Facts, Maple syrup label prints on bright white or brown kraft label paper. The fields on these labels tell the folks everything they need to know about your syrup: the Color, Taste, Grade and State or Year of bottling. Like I said, ma’am, just the facts. You can also add a short phrase at the bottom, if you’re some kind of showboat or something.Book ’em, Danno! (wrong show)PLEASE NOTE: Leaf icon prints with 2-digits. Can be state abbreviation, year, or left blank. There is a limited character count for Color, Taste, & Grade fields. Fields can be left blank for handwriting too. Each sheet of labels prints with the SAME text on each label. We know what you want to see on your maple syrup labels. Your own precious kids. Your own unique sugar shack. That’s why we have the Provide Your Own Photo maple syrup labels. These Provide Your Own Photo maple syrup labels allow you to showcase your own pride and joy on your bottle labels. Just supply us with a quality photo (see details below), and we’ll make the labels for you! Add your name, location, grade, or short saying. If you’re going to personalize, might as well do it up right!Photo Details:After you place an order on CanningCrafts.com, simply reply to our Order Confirmation Email to send us your photo.Send high resolution photos in JPEG format. Please keep file size under 5MB.NOTE: Your photo will be placed inside a circular shape, so the top corners will get cropped off the label (see our third photo for guidance).We will email you ONE label proof within a few business days for approval before printing.Each sheet of labels will have the SAME custom text and photo.

Is your homemade syrup good enough to be sold at mercantile store circa the 19th century? Our Legacy Vintage maple syrup labels are a throwback look for the modern maple sugarer. Our Legacy Vintage maple syrup labels are perfect for friendly gifting or for those in the cottage food industry. Our custom canning labels print with your name, contents, contact info or saying. Since your friends and neighbors probably aren’t too keen on consuming 125+ year old real maple, this is the next best option. Or, second thought, it’s the clearly superior option.PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this design, center text has a limited character count. Bottom arch can have 2 lines of text. Each sheet of labels will have the SAME custom text.Our round canning labels are sold by the sheet and available in 3 sizes. Not sure what size canning label you need? Please see our size chart. 1.5 inch (30 labels per sheet)2 inch (20 labels per sheet) for regular mouth lids2.5 inch (12 labels per sheet) for wide mouth lids

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