14 Ways to Eat Jelly and More.

Must Try

So you might have spent some time browsing the recipes on this blog and thinking… what would I do with all that jelly if I did make it? 

Two things: 

There is no such thing as too much jelly, (that is my motto).
You have to learn to think outside of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich box. 

There are so many ways to enjoy jelly, so many things to put it on. 
The French put it on croissants.
You can put some on a bagel, but don’t tell any New Yorkers about it!
The British are famous for scones and jam, a tea time favorite.
Southerners are known for buttermilk biscuits, butter and peach jelly.
Nobody doesn’t like a jelly doughnut or long john.
Native Americans eat fry bread and jelly.
Mexicans eat strawberry jelly in tamales.
Mint jelly is good on lamb and pork.
Cranberry jelly and chutney make turkey something special.
Try some of your favorite flavor jelly on your oatmeal. I like peach and apple on mine.
In a pinch some cream cheese and jalepeno jelly on crackers make a satisfying snack.
Blackberry jam on waffles.
Blueberry jelly on pancakes!
Oh and there is no better breakfast than a hot buttered English muffin with a spoonful of plum jelly. 

As you can see I am in no danger of running out of ways to eat jelly. I am sure I haven’t covered them all but I hope I have made the case for why you need to make some jelly soon! Hungry yet?

Get geared up with this cute apron that has my jelly motto on it.

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